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Thursday, August 13, 2009

From Full House to Empty Nest

The kids are back home now, and it's a LOT quieter.
Here are some photos of the last 45 days...

The BIG kids (Chis, Amy, Kaitlyn and Skip)

Jonah watching a video with Grandadad Mac

Jonah doesn't really get leapfrog yet!

Jonah and Granddad Mac on the Bouncy Castle

Aww. Amy and Jonah

After smores...

Chris Moody and Jonah

Just sitting by the lake, having a cold one

Jonah, Chris Moody and ... a duckling

Amy, Jonah and Chris Moody

Jonah and Amy

Amy trying a steamer (clam)

Chris has the hang of it

Jonah on a ship in Belfast harbor

Just cute

Jonah driving in the church parking lot

Jonah and Amy at our church

Jonah with his 'digger' spoon


Bar Harbor, Maine

Making Mimi nervous

Chris, Jonah and Amy at Thunder Hole in Acadia National Park

Our picnic spot

The new deck

What's left of our soggy garden

Jade has learned to swim and loves it!

Jonah and Rita having a Thai

Jonah likes our church

Jonah's first icecream from Wilson's on Moody Road

Jonah testing Eli's birthday cake

Eli testing his own cake...

Eli's first birthday

That's supposed to be a sit and spin!
Grammie and Papa with Jonah (and Poo)

Bath time for Jonah
Bath time for Eli

Kaitlyn, Chris and Skip go golfing

Skip and Chris go fishing

Eli teaches Granddad Mac

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Linda and Chris
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