The adventures of Linda and Christopher...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Harrenberg after a light snow and the Schwabian Alps in the background.

The drive home.  A bit more snow and heavy traffic.

 A bit later.  Heavier snow. 

The snow early Tuesday morning.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jonah's 3rd Birthday

Jonah's 3rd birthday, and we're going to Gulliver's Land to see Dora and Diego.

I look a bit evil in this, but I really am having a good time...
Perhaps it's taking a back seat! Jonah driving already!!!

Sailing in circles.

The happy kids...

Jonah with Dora the Explorer.

And a kiss goodbye. 

And now with Diego.  Go, Diego, Go!

A happy accident?

A rafting adventure.

Who's the kid?

The Ferriswheel.


Someone is having a great time!

Ready to fly.

The monorail.

And teacups.

Back home to the 'Mario Car' Cake.

And party hats.

Hotwheels from Mimi and Mac.

And a fleece from Granny and Papa.

Buzz from Bump and Jane.

And a flaming cake!!! (that set off the fire alarms)!

All in all, a good day!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Around the Town (or Ort)...

We've had several more requests for photos of Germany, so here are some interesting buildings close to our house

There are lots of 'Fachwerk' buildings.  This one mixes the old (wooden beams and brick) with a glass conservatory
I love this feature that looks stuck-on the corner of this house
Another 'Fachwerk' buiding - probably a barn.  But behind it is Schloss (palace) Herrenberg, dating back to 1228 (Pfalzgrafen Rudolf II von Tubingen, or Duke Rudolf from Tubingen)
A traffic jam in Jettingen
Unter Jettingen's only traffic light.
The Jettingen Kirche (church)
"Main Street" in Unter Jettingen
A local "Gastube" or guesthouse.  They usually have really good (and cheap) food
A monument in the middle of the traffic circle.  Stuttgart and the surrounding area were heavily bombed by the US during WWII
An ice storm back in late January
A little closer to home - the Kindergarden across the street looks a bit like a bunker...
Our plan is to visit one of the local castles tomorrow, so hopefully there will be more exciting pictures soon. 

Linda and Chris

Linda and Chris
At Aladen's in Jaffa, Israel